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Spooky season. Halloween is an annual tradition in the United States and many people purchase expensive costumes, increasing sales for costume stores. However, Party City is not the only place to purchase a costume; DIY costumes are an easy way to save money and still have a killer costume!

Easy Halloween Costumes – A guide for students, by students

October 27, 2019

Whether it’s visiting a haunted house with friends, trick-or-treating around the neighborhood or having a party, Halloween is a holiday for every age. While most teens don’t typically go around door-to-door anymore, there are still many activities that require an on-the-spot costume, such as a last-minute party or event. Halloween is on a Thursday this year on a school week, leaving already overwhelmed teens almost no time to actually make a costume. Besides, many of the premade store costumes are way too expensive and flashy to ever wear again, making them a one-time-use cost. However, there are many ways to take ordinary items from a closet or basic tees and accentuate them with removable accessories, making costumes easy, thrifty, and reusable.

Food and Drink Costumes

For Halloween, costumes relating to food and drinks are a common choice for many. However, some costumes in stores might be too expensive for just one costume party. In order to save money, check out some of the costumes below that are designed with DIY materials and simple clothing items that can be found around the house or even borrowed from a friend. Hover over the plus symbols to see the different parts of each costume and where to find them or make them. With bright colors and creative designs, these fun food and drink costumes are sure to be one of the winners of any Halloween party!

Spooky Costumes

Boo! From haunted houses, corn mazes, and horror movies, Halloween is full of scaring and getting scared. Wearing costumes that are spooky and ghost-like is a great way to show your scary spirit! Below is an interactive infographic with different costumes made up of cheap items that you might even have around the house already. Hover over the plus signs to see a description of the item and where you can buy it.


Pop Culture and Meme Costumes

With VSCO girls and E-boys, there are scrunchies, hydro flasks, and black clothing everywhere you look. Apps like TikTok and Instagram influence society and are a place where the funniest and most memorable memes begin. Check out the interactive infographic below and hover over the plus signs to create your own fun, cultured, and easy Halloween costume

Superhero Costumes

No matter which side people fall on within the spectrum between Marvel and DC, there’s a superhero out there for everyone. The following guide shows some easy superhero costumes:

Couple Costumes

Since Halloween is around the corner, a great date night activity is going trick-or-treating together. There are a multitude of costumes to select from for you and your significant other and below are just a few of those options. Many of the costumes below contain materials that you might already own, making the costume even cheaper. The costume is designed to be quick and easy to make, so you are your S.O can go enjoy the scary and fun night of Halloween!

Disney Costumes

No one’s ever too old to be a Disney character. We’ve all grown up with our favorites and can still pay homage to them without looking like a 5-year-old every Halloween. The infographic below shows some ways to make an easy Disney character costume through parts that you can find at home.



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