War Eagles leave Milton with a 1-1 regional record


Chris Bunker

Breast Cancer awareness month. Every year students dress head to toe in pink outfits at a football game in October to commemorate those who have connections to the illness. South students line the railing at Milton to cheer on the War Eagles in their second regional game of the season. South played hard but could not come up with the win.

Breast Cancer is the second most common cancer in American women, next to skin cancer. 13 percent of women will be diagnosed with breast cancer sometime in their lives and in order to awareness for this cause, South dedicated October 18th, an away game against Milton, to it. Girls and guys walked into the visitor’s stands wearing their pink socks, pants, and shirts. Cheerleaders on the sideline handed out pink beads to anyone willing to take some.

At 7:30 War Eagle captains Jax Weaver, Keegan Toner, Cameron Schuur, and James Fehr, met at center field for the coin toss. South started on defense and kicked the ball to Milton. After a very short run, Milton ended up at their own 29-yard line. Within the first few minutes, Milton’s quarterback keept the ball and ran 48 yards for the first touchdown of the game, after the field goal Milton took the lead; 7-0. After the kick, Cruz ran the ball to the 30-yard line. A handoff to Green ended in a loss and injury timeout. After a quick possession, the punt puts Milton at the 34-yard line. With 7:20 left in the first quarter, South has the ball again at the 10-yard line. A pass from Slott to Schurr results in a roughing the passer penalty and War Eagle first down. Officials spotted the ball in Milton’s territory. Milton intercepted the ball and ran it into midfield with 5:12 left in the first. A field goal increased Milton’s lead but South immediately answered back with a touchdown by Cruz. The score was close with Milton leading 10-7 by the end of the first.

The second quarter started with a Milton touchdown and the Eagles continued to increase their lead,   17-7. After many back-and-forth possessions, Milton faked a punt and got a first down however they were not able to get a touchdown on this drive. By the end of the half, Milton lead the game 24-7.

South received the ball first this half and Thompson brought the ball to the 25-yard line. South was unable to gain any yardage and Milton Eagles forced the punt. A great defensive tackle by Reyes caused the Eagles to lose yards. Heavy pressure caused the quarterback to throw an incomplete pass, it was fourth and long. Milton attempted a 45-yard field goal and it was unsuccessful. South took the ball at the 20-yard line. Short possessions by both teams caused the time in the third quarter to run out. Milton stills held the lead, 24-7.

At the beginning of the fourth, Milton knocked the ball from Slott’s hand and ended in a Milton Eagle recover. Hilton, Toner, Bolanos, and Stephens all have great defensive stops causing Milton to punt it away. Neither War Eagles or Eagles were unable to move the ball anymore and the game ended with Milton beating South 24-7.

South will be going into their third regional game at North Forsyth High School with a 1-1.