Used with permission from Ms. McGray

An enchanted night. Students from the SOFO student body gathered in the blue gym for the dance. Everyone danced and sang to the trendy music all night.

Homecoming week: An “Enchanted” Night

Girls crowd the mirror, makeup covering the table. Curling irons and straighteners clutter the floor. Dresses hang from hangers, ready for the evening. Students arrive at the school, minds wondering what the night will hold. Sparkly dresses, shoes, and bow ties fill the room. The gym is adorned with tulle, lights, and the sound of the DJ in the background. Students sing and dance to trendy music with their friends into the night. It truly was an “Enchanted” night to remember. 

For the first time in 4 years, South Forsyth organized a homecoming dance. Students and staff made it a point to incorporate more school spirit throughout the school. Junior Gia Lure, who also represented the junior class on homecoming court during the homecoming game on Friday night, commented on the dance:

Q. What did you think of the homecoming dance? 

A. I thought it was a ton of fun!

Q. Did you enjoy the dance?

A. Yes! The music was good and current, so everyone liked it.

Q. Was the SOFO homecoming experience different than other homecoming dances you have been in the past?

A. Yes, the environment was much better and more fun.

Q. What would you do to make the homecoming dance better for future years?

A. I would put it in a different location for future years.

As the night came to an end, students continued to dance and sing the night away. The dance was considered a huge success. The music was lively and trendy, and students had a night to remember. With the help of the student and staff communities, SOFO nation truly had an “Enchanted” night to remember.

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