War Eagle Cross-country takes the lead in the season


Sara Aylay

Girls team gathers around. On August 24, Saturday, South wins 3rd place at Saucony Battle of Atlanta. “Even though our outcome wasn’t the way we wanted, we still kept our heads high and continued throughout the season. I was proud of the effort we all put in, ” Emma O’connor stated. (Used with permission by Sara Aylay)

Carmel Yonas, Opinions Editor & Senior Reporter

The War Eagle Cross-country team lines up at the start while their peers gather around to support them. As the gun is fired, the runners take off. Parents and friends stand around the track, cheering on their team. The War Eagles had their first meet and have done exceptionally well. However, they have lots of room to improve throughout the season. Coach Shaw had this to comment: ” I feel like we are in a great spot for the season and there is always room to improve, but everyone is doing exactly what they need to be doing at this point.”