War Eagle American Dream


Christopher Bunker

Living the American Dream. South Forsyth students and staff join in the stands to cheer on their favorite American team while celebrating red, white, and blue.

American clothes, spirit and attitude roamed through the halls of South as students and teachers prepared for the exciting game at South Gwinnett. 

The War Eagles kicked off their fifth game of the season on defense. Calloway knocked the ball out, giving South an advantage in the game. South made a run for the end-zone where the War Eagles scored the first touchdown of the game. Minutes later, Colby Cruz scored another touchdown, bringing South ahead 13-0. A penalty kept South from obtaining any extra points. The first quarter ended 13-0 South. 

The Comets began the second quarter with a long pass to the end-zone. South Gwinnett scored their first touchdown of the game. With 6:13 left in the half, South led 13-7. Three minutes later, the Comets ran down, scored again, and pushed ahead 14-13. McGlockton ran yet another touchdown for South only moments later, shoving them ahead. The half ended, the War Eagles ahead 21-14. 

After an intermediate marching band show, the Comets began with the ball on their 22-yard line. Their second play ran them into the end zone where they scored. With an incomplete field goal, the War Eagles kept their lead 21-20. After a pass interference call on South Gwinnett, South began on the 50-yard line where Schurr ran all the way to the end zone for another touchdown. At the end of the quarter, South led 35-20. 

With rain sprinkling, the teams began the fourth and final quarter of the game. Morlanne scored, increasing their lead on the Comets to 28-20. Even with the weather not cooperating, the Comets scored a touchdown almost immediately after. After a half-hour delay, the clock was at 3:12 with a close game. An amazing defensive play by Hilton allowed South to maintain their lead with less than five seconds left.

The game ended with South on top once again. The final score left them at 34-28. War Eagle fans drove away with smiling faces and happy American hearts.