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Shree Delwadia


Students learn many different educational lessons in high school, but an important practical lesson that needs to be learned properly is note-taking. This simple, yet hard, subject will be the doorway to failure or success. Two key aspects of note-taking are style and structure.

Note-taking is different for every person. Just like how some people are kinesthetic learners and others are auditory learners, some people take notes in a chart while others jot down some bullet points. According to Oxford Learning, there are 5 main different styles of notes. The styles include the CornellĀ  Method, Mapping Method, Outline Method, Charting Method, and Sentence Method. Each style of notes has its own specific benefits and disadvantages.

The structure is not the only key to success. Some people believe notes that are short and simple are the right way to go; however, the key to taking notes is creating a style to be fast and efficient. During class lessons, the teacher might be lecturing quickly and writing down every word is not going to be beneficial. Instead create small symbols to substitute for certain words, use bullet points, and right the essential words only.

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I use shorthand symbols such as the waffle sign when taking notes in class. I mostly listen and pay attention if the teacher is going fast and then do then review the rest of the notes at home.”

— Kayla Leung

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