Together forever. Maria and Lyndsey enjoy the signing ceremony to officiate their decision to attend Berry College. Both players cannot wait to take part in a new journey of their life, together. (Used with permission from Maria Walsh)
Together forever. Maria and Lyndsey enjoy the signing ceremony to officiate their decision to attend Berry College. Both players cannot wait to take part in a new journey of their life, together.

Used with permission from Maria Walsh

Kicking into college

May 11, 2019

As the year comes to an end, South Forsyth seniors are making their way towards different colleges and future plans. Whether it’s early admissions deadlines or final decisions, the War Eagle journey is coming to an end for some of South’s senior students. Recently, 2 of South’s soccer players, Maria Walsh and Lyndsey Francingues, officiated their attendance to the college of their choice, Berry College. These two signees are beyond cheerful to begin a new journey in college and look forward to continuing kicking their way towards their goal.

Used with permission from Lyndsey Francingues. Supporting the team. Lyndsey cannot wait to see where her teammates are headed and she plans to support them all the way. She is excited to see the bond of the team grow and succeed.

Both Walsh and Francingues began playing soccer at an early age. As for Walsh, she started playing when she was in second grade. A friend of hers was involved in the sport at that time and Maria joined in too, only to find out that she was in love with the sport. Her growing passion for soccer excited her dad, too.

Maria Walsh says, “My dad was stoked because he has played soccer his whole life; he was my coach for half of my career so far.”

Francingues began playing when she was around the age of 6. Soccer was a way to help her maintain a balance in her everyday life.

She says, “I like being fit physically and I am not one to sit still, so soccer was a way to keep moving and have fun.”

As for South’s Soccer Team, these two seniors have made an impact on the team and hope the best for the other players. Lyndsey’s position on the team is winger and Maria’s position is a right or left forward. Maria, playing for 3 years, and Lyndsey, playing for 4 years, have developed traditions and connections with their teammates.

Walsh states that “preparation involves a huge amount of cringey dancing and singing in the locker room and on the bus. And of course a team prayer before each game.”

Likewise, Lyndsey loves listening to a wide range of skilled voices. The singing and dancing that goes on helps to hype up the team before a game. All in all, both seniors claim their favorite part of soccer is their team and being able to work together towards a goal.

My greatest accomplishment as an athlete is being able to not only build my confidence, but also the confidence of my team, helping us grow together. ”

— Lyndsey Francingues

When the time came, the seniors both received multiple offers from different colleges to play soccer. However, Maria and Lyndsey’s top pick was Berry College. The seniors loved the different opportunities available, the warm environment of the school, and the amazing soccer team the college has.

When the college notified Lyndsey and Maria of their acceptance, their emotions were priceless.

When asked about the moment she received the new, Walsh said her dad called her to inform her about the exciting news.

“It felt so surreal. Like it didn’t feel real yet, but finally when the letter came in it hit me so hard. I couldn’t believe that this was all actually happening, and I was going to go to my dream school,” says Walsh. 

Lyndsey Francingues had a similar reaction.

During the moment, Francingues says, “I cried out of the excitement when I heard the news.”

Based on the reactions of their acceptance to Berry, many can imagine how excited these two athletes were for being able to officially sign off. Sharing the signing booth, Lyndsey and Maria were ready to hit this milestone in their life together. Both were eager to see the different heights that this new journey will take them to.

I picked a school that I would love and one that would fit perfectly in my life. Getting the opportunity to play soccer there was just a cherry on top.”

— Maria Walsh

Apart from soccer, Francingues wants to major in animal science.

“Ten years from now, I want to get a job working with animals, while also working with different aspects of marketing,” says Francingues. 

However, her love for soccer will always keep the sport in her life. For now, she coaches soccer for kids, and for the future, she hopes to continue coaching as something on the side.

Used with permission from Maria Walsh
Intricate thoughts. Maria uses some techniques to help her mind get into the “field”. “One thing I always try to do before a game is think of the first 3 things I want to accomplish in that game, whether that makes 3 complete passes or get the ball from defenders. Also, I do try and pray before every game,” says Maria.

Similarly, Walsh’s interests lie in science, specifically in nursing. As her future continues on, she is eager to be part of clinics and pursue her dreams in nursing.

“Ten years from now, I hope to be working at a hospital making my own money and possibly starting a family. But who knows, I am a firm believer of the fact that everything happens for a reason, so I just let life take me wherever I’m supposed to go.”

However, soccer will remain a part of her forever. From the age of 10 or 11, Maria has known that she wanted to play soccer in college.

“I never lost the love for the game,” says Walsh.

Together, both are excited to embark on this new path in their lives. As they graduate from the War Eagle’s Nest, they are ecstatic to see where their friends from the team go.

“I am excited to see where the team goes, especially the juniors, sophomores, and the freshman of our school,” said Francingues. “I plan on watching them a lot and supporting them in the journey.”

Maria and Lyndsey have been playing soccer together for about 5 years and cannot wait to make more memories together as they head off to Berry College.

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