South crowns Prom King and Queen


Photo provided by Cady Studios with permission.

Posing for a royal photograph. Matthew Tesvich and Kiera George stand side-by-side after accepting their titles as Prom King and Queen. Both didn't expect to receive the honor, but were happily surprised for the rest of the evening.

Alyssa Freyman and Sierra Wamsley

Students fill Lanier Tech, heading to the dance floor with their friends. Compliments for each other’s dresses are heard as the DJ blares out the latest music tracks. April 13th was a night to remember for all juniors and seniors as they attended Prom. However, it was more memorable for two seniors: Kiera George and Matthew Tesvich. That night, to their surprise and pleaure, they were crowned Prom King and Queen.

Kiera and Matthew didn’t expect to leave Prom that night with a tiara and crown, respectively. Once they were nominated by friends into the election process, they didn’t think they would get any farther. That all changed the night of Prom.

“I didn’t think I would actually win, so I thought it was pretty awesome that I did,” exclaims Kiera George. “I got to keep it (the tiara). It’s in my bedroom on top of my tv.”

Matthew, however, did something else with his Prom King keepsake.

“I framed it (the crown) in a china cabinet,” revealed Matthew. “It’s pretty exciting (winning Prom King), especially since it’s my senior year.”

Winning this honor will be hard to forget for Matthew and Kiera and will be one of the many happy memories of high school after they graduate.