Splash of color improves school spirit

New mural finished in the Plaza


Sophie Ralph

Scott McIntyre and his associate diligently work on the set of wings in the Plaza.

Brittany Rodi and Sophie Ralph

Walking back and forth inside and outside of the school can be a pain. With often nothing but earbuds to keep students company the walk is long and boring and sometimes dreaded. Thankfully a new demonstration of South Forsyth’s creative genius has appeared on campus. If students walk by and frequently visit the plaza then they would have already seen the amazing work painted by Scott McIntyre and his associates. The mural demonstrates that we are all War Eagles and emanates the idea that South Forsyth high school is a home and the staff and students are a family.

The mural itself radiates the unity of South’s student body so it seemed only right to question students about their thoughts on the project.

“I like the mural because of the artistic style and the colors,” 10th grader Meghan Hawley said. “I like the concept behind (the mural) and the wings, but I feel like the wings are placed a little randomly.”

When the mural was in the process of being painting it seemed to add a whole new layer of color to a very grey plaza. However why it was painted is a question often on the minds of students as they walk past the burst of color blooming in the plaza.

Anytime there is a big unsightly wall of concrete without anything else happening on it, a few people have an idea.

— Scott McIntyre

“Now I don’t know who’s idea originally this was but the principal called me about 5 weeks ago and said that they had this great big wall and asked if there was anything I could do on it.” McIntyre said addressing the question of why the mural had been painted. According to McIntyre, he came up with idea almost instantaneously when he had seen the once bland wall. With the help of his associate and wife, Yanzhi Zhang, the project was finished in a few short weeks.

Scott McIntyre has his own company, Londonberry Mural Press, and he has been painting murals in Georgia for about 10-15 years, he said. “Londonberry is an old family name and it goes way back,” said McIntyre. “I always loved that name because it’s ancient but colorful.” Scott McIntyre is well known in this area, as he has painted in a large amount of schools in Forsyth County and in Georgia. “I have only (painted for) 5 or so high schools but I have (painted for) over 100 elementary schools.” McIntyre said.

Students are encouraged to take pictures with wings on their backs and share with #sofonation. To contact Scott McIntyre or Londonberry Murals, visit his website, www.scottmcintyre.gallery.