Big on Spotify. 415 has over 50,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. With this huge success, the band thanks all of their fans from all around the world.

Olivia Waletzke

415 Hits Over 50,000 Monthly Listeners

March 5, 2019

The stars were shining brightly above the Valero gas station on the corner of Atlanta Hwy and Buford Dam Rd. a few Saturdays ago. All types of cars, from Mustangs to minivans, rolled into the parking lot, opening its doors to let out students by the masses. The thin walls of the store, His Rock Music, allowed the parking lot to be filled with the sound of the music blaring inside. When 10:30 rolled around, everyone who was sitting on car hoods, warming up in the gas station store or chatting in the lot, flooded into the microscopic room where the band had set up. The lights went out, the crowd roared, and the guitar rumbled. With that, everyone in that room knew the night was going to be unforgettable.

“For me, whenever I’m on stage, the adrenaline really gets pumping. It’s just on a whole new level when I’m on stage.””

— bass guitarist Josh Allen

Last year, Seniors Josh Allen and Ethan Page joined to form the current 415 we know and love. Seniors Aiden Powers and Sam Wilder came up with the idea of the band, 415, in their sophomore German class.

Aidan says, “They were talking about guitar, and I played drums at the time and I was like ‘Hey, I play an instrument, we should all play instruments together.’”

A typical 415 concert starts with a few songs from popular artists like Arctic Monkeys or Red Hot Chili Peppers. Once the crowd is warmed up and ready, the band brings out their original songs: Anhedonia, Hammock, and Lilac. All of the band members couldn’t express enough how amazing it feels when audience members know the lyrics to the songs they wrote. 415 is known for their amazing stage presence and the unique way the members connect with the crowd on stage.

“Lyrics are (pretty much) just poems,” says lead singer and songwriter Aidan Powers, “so people are reading my poems and listening to them.”

The band recently has gone into hibernation to work on their EP. The release date isn’t specified, but their newest song, Lilac, will be on Spotify soon. The band recently hit 51,906 monthly listeners on Spotify. Even with this huge accomplishment, the band stays humble.

“The whole point isn’t fame or money,” Sam Wilder says. “It’s to express a different emotion that comes out of music.”


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