Lauren Holiday

The journey of a war eagle. As a rising freshman, many students have many different areas of concerns or questions about the upcoming year. Students should not be worried because everyone around South is friendly, kind, and willing to help.

Surviving the First Year of High School: A Guide for Students, by Students

The air is filled with new spirit. The hallways in the surroundings are yet to be discovered. Each step taken forward, is a step into a new future. The future called high school. The future of becoming a War Eagle! As a freshman, taking the leap from middle school to high school is quite a journey. What if I get lost? What if I am late to class? Where is my class? Where do I fit in? What if I fail a class? What if I am not good enough? Coming into high school as a freshman, there are millions of questions flying through an eighth grader’s head. There is truly no way to be fully prepared for high school, except living through the experience. However, there are some tips and tricks to make your freshman year the best yet. Hover over some of the pictures below and click on the your area of interest! Welcome to United South! 

Balancing Workload

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