Cracking the World Record

A picture of an egg set the world record for the most likes on instagram


Grace Drawdy

Circling the media. This post cannot be “egg-bored” since it “beat” Kylie Jenner’s post by almost 3 times. Kylie’s post with her new child on got 18 million likes!

Grace Drawdy, Editor-in-Chief

At the beginning of the new year, history was made. A new world record was set for the most liked Instagram post. It wasn’t a celebrity and it wasn’t an event; it was a stock photo of an egg.

“I thought it was a funny joke,” said David Schmuckal, a sophomore at South Forsyth High school.


An account under the name @world_record_egg posted a rather odd photo. This was their crazy goal:


“I thought it was funny but there was no way it was going to happen,” said sophomore Taylor James.

People from all over the world were “scrambling” to share this ridiculous picture. Ten days after the photo was taken, it beat the world record, knocking out Kylie’s post.

“I saw it the morning after it broke the record, and it was now at 30 million likes and I was shocked how it moved up so much,” Schmuchal explained.

Today, the post has racked over 51 million likes.

“I think the bar may have been set too high,” said James. “It might be too high to beat now,”

This record may be too difficult to “crack” in the future!