College is necessary

Sadie Rawlings, Online Editor

Most Americans believe in the American Dream of wealth, prosperity, and success both professionally and personally. From birth, children are raised to educate themselves in order to obtain success in their future. This great American Dream cannot be accomplished by the everyday person without higher education such as college.

College is an essential step to ensure financial stability and economic security. The world today demands an increase of high-skilled workers as the economy shifts to a global one. In today’s world, most jobs require some basis or higher education ranging from an associates degree to a doctorate degree. Approximately two-thirds of jobs will require postsecondary education by 2020, and these statistics are only increasing. With an expanding global population that is being educated, it becomes imperative for the rest of the world to have a competitive advantage of having the necessary training and skills taught in college. 

On average, a degree-holder makes more money annually than their peers who hold a high school diploma. Over the course of a lifetime, the average worker with a bachelor degree will earn about one million dollars more than those without a degree. The gap between high school diplomas and bachelor degree is over $10,000 with it increasing to almost $50,000 by the age of 50. With a higher income, there is a greater correlation with greater health and physical well-being.

Gaining credibility is an essential part of any successful career. A doctor needs to receive medical training in order to practice his or her trade. The skills learned in college and postsecondary education can be transferable and related to other aspects of career and personal growth. Not only is college a place to “get a better job”, but it is a place to network and mature into a person fit for society’s standards.  Higher education is correlated with a likeliness to vote and to be an informed citizen.

“College is important because it gets you prepared for the future careers,” Esther Kim, a sophomore commented. “In high school, your education consists of broad topics, but in college, your education is more focused on a specific topic depending on what you want to be when you grow up.”

A college degree is a powerful tool that enables a person’s thriving future; it’s the basis and backbone for a profitable career and personal satisfaction. Every person needs to go to college to secure their future.