Voter’s voice with Mr. Fahey


Shree Delwadia

Every vote matters. Mr. Fahey, AP US History teacher, knows the importance of voting to select the leaders who represent us and the laws that we abide by. Earlier this fall, Mr. Fahey and the Rho Kappa Society hosted a voter registration drive for high school students encouraging them to be involved in the upcoming election.

Shree Delwadia, Staff Writer

Calling all high school students! The Georgia midterm elections are right around the corner. Voting is an important right that every citizen has, including many high school students. The future of many young adults is determined by the leaders that are selected, the laws that are granted, and the amendments that are proposed now. The students today are going to be tomorrow’s future. In the video, students receive insight from South Forsyth history teacher, Mr. Fahey, on his perspective and knowledge on the basic aspects of voting, ideas of ways everyone can be part of elections, and the benefits of voting at an early age. Let’s create a generation where students understand voting and how important his or her own voice is in elections.