Bases Loaded: Three South Baseball Players Hit it Out of the College Park, Score Scholarships


Maggie Craig

Febrauary 1st, 2023. Sitting at the table are Alex Urias (left), Yash Jain (center), Michael Sime (right). The baseball team gathered around the table to celebrate the student athletes for this memorable occasion.

Simra Waheed and Charley Sarmiento

On Winter Signing Day 2023, the bleachers overflowed with support as South Forsyth High School congratulated three senior baseball players for signing on with colleges.

“The baseball program is blessed to celebrate that we have three more young men moving on to sign their national letters of intent to go on to play college baseball,” announced Russ Bayer, the lead Baseball Coach at SFHS.

These three talented athletes are Yash Jain, Michael Sime, and Alex Urias.

Coach Bayer began by introducing Yash Jain, saying that he became “an instant impact for our program [and ended] up becoming an all-region pitcher last year.”

Bayer told an amusing anecdote about how Jain first appeared in South’s baseball facility before making the team.

“At first we had no idea if [Jain] played baseball, could play baseball or really even belonged around the facility, but he certainly turned around and proved me wrong with his leadership, personality and ability to play the game,” said Bayer.

Jain is continuing on as a pitcher with St. Peter’s University, a mid-major Division 1 school in New Jersey City, New Jersey. 

“[Baseball has] given [Yash] courage, discipline, [and] values because that’s what you find in a team sport,” said Jain’s mother, Tripti Jain. “It’s not only your parents that are important in bringing up a child. I think it’s the whole community.”

Continuing on to collegiate athletics is a huge achievement for any athlete, but it’s also an opportunity for coaches and parents to celebrate all they’ve done to support their players.

“[Yash] is definitely a person who, once he sets his mind to something, he’ll get it. It’s a very proud moment. As a mom, of course, you know, it’s my first child leaving the house, but I’m very proud of him,” Tripti Jain continued. “I cannot wait to see…what else he’s going to achieve in his life. I’m so proud of him.” 

Coach Bayer segued into the next student athlete to sign, stating that, “[Michael Sime] a young man who I really believe is only starting to hit the tip of the iceberg of what his body is capable of.” 

Bayer announced that Sime will be continuing his athletic career in baseball at Chattanooga State Technical CC.

“Where [Sime] is going to continue to go and grow with his physical development, it’s going to be super exciting,” continued Bayer. “I can’t wait to see where he’s going to be. I think as he goes throughout the spring he’s only going to continue to get better as he develops.”

Sime joined his family at the setup and signed the official documents, signifying his commitment to Chattanooga.

“[Baseball] has made me a better person. I’ve been able to talk to more people and really figure out how to be a team player,” said Sime. 

Michael Sime’s father, Nicola Sime, stated, “I think it’s a beautiful moment for [the players] to recognize how hard they work.”

Bayer also introduced the last baseball player, Alex Urias, to sign on this momentous day by starting out with a heartfelt anecdote.

“When [Urias] came to South as a freshman he had an immediate impact,” Bayer said. “It didn’t take long for him [to pitch for] varsity baseball. He [worked] his way to starting outfield and has never looked back. He’s been an all-conference, all-region player for every full season that he’s had and preseason all-state for multiple years.”

Urias is continuing his athletic career at the University of West Florida. 

“It wasn’t a matter of if [Urias] was going to sign with a college, it was just going to be a matter of when and where,” stated Bayer. “Watching him grow, watching him develop from a little Daves Creek Dolphin, turning into the War Eagle he is, and soon enough he’s going to be a West Florida Argonaut. I couldn’t be prouder, couldn’t be more excited about the future of outfielder, left-handed pitcher Alex Urias.”

Urias, the last of the three, descended the bleachers and accompanied his family and coach at the setup. 

His younger brother, Antonio Urias, a sophomore at South, stated, “[Alex] is a very talented athlete. Throughout the years I’ve seen him grow as a person as well as an athlete. And I love him. He’s my older brother.”

Antonio Urias continued, “[Alex] has been a big role model in my life. So I think he’s carved a path in my life. And I’d like to follow in his footsteps … as a person.” 

As families, friends, coaches and teammates gathered to celebrate their star athletes, it was clear the day marked the end of an era, making it a bittersweet moment.  The Arena filled with joy, tears and pride as families celebrated achievements and reminisced over fond memories.