South Forsyth’s girls’ lacrosse team dives into new season


(From left to right: Lexi Kugelman, Morgan Hearn, Avery Wyckoff) The SFHS girls’ lacrosse team prepares to start their game against Central.

Brooke Eldridge, Opinions and Arts and Entertainment Editor

The first varsity game for girls took place at Peachtree Ridge on February 21st, where South successfully won with a score of 12-11. So far the team has played 3 games, taking home 2 wins, one from Peachtree Ridge and one from Central (February 23), while, unfortunately, taking a loss to West Forsyth (February 28). The next game is on March 7th, where South will go against Milton. The team is striving to bring home yet another victory.

South Forsyth’s girls’ lacrosse team is a great example of a bonding and fun experience for young women. According to Camryn Klaus, a member of the varsity team, “Lacrosse has taught me responsibility, work ethic and it even made me realize how strong of a bond I can have with so many people.” Many players like Camryn enjoy the instructive, fun nature of lacrosse.

Although lacrosse is about having fun, there are also expectations for the players and coaches. The coach of the varsity team, Travis Pearre, set his goal for the season as “keeping a mind on good intentions and playing your very best.”

Camryn talks about how she keeps her mind on good intentions and making sure she plays her best; “I prepare my self to be the best player I can be by doing extra. I do extra wall ball, extra running, extra gym time, extra film sessions, anything that I can improve I take the time to do outside of practice.”

Lacrosse is more than a game of strength and instinct. Players often memorize defensive tactics since the offensive players have a greater advantage. For defense, it is important to maintain good footwork and body positioning. Since girl’s lacrosse does not typically have the physical contact of boys lacrosse their tactics and strategies differ.

Despite the necessity of strategy, the most important thing is to be a team player, as Isabella Parker, another player on the varsity team, says; “I try to really be a team player. I play best when I know that I have my team supporting me, so just trying hard at practice and trying to better the team is what makes me a better player.” It’s important to make connections with your team so you can work together to achieve your goals.

Isabella and Camryn both encourage students to join a sports team or club because people can create bonds that last forever. Isabella says, “Lacrosse is something that has always been apart of my life. I have been playing lacrosse since the third grade and I have had the same teammates since then, so playing high school lacrosse was the next step.” Aside from the valuable lessons that lacrosse instills them with, Isabella and Camryn look forward to a new, exciting season hopefully with good results.