South’s FBLA Lights a Trail at The Fall Leadership Conference


Used with permission from SFHS FBLA

Soaring FBLA. South Forsyth High School’s FBLA Chapter dresses with success in mind. In November, the chapter competed and prospered with their business knowledge at the Fall Leadership Conference in Georgia.

Saanvi Tatipalli and Sayna Kaushik

South Forsyth High School’s Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) club members went on a field trip from the 15th to the 16th of November, forging the way to learn about business. Select students from South Forsyth represented the school at the Fall Leadership Conference (FLC) in Athens, Georgia.

FBLA holds competitions for all members on a variety of business concepts students are passionate about at the regional, state and national levels. The Fall Leadership Conference is the place several of these events start. These specific events include Broadcast Journalism, Business Ethics, Client Service, Impromptu Speaking, Introduction to Social Media Strategy and Social Media Strategies. Students work hard in teams or individually to either present or test through their event, being recognized for outstanding work as they advance in future conferences. 

SFHS FBLA soared through competition having a qualifier in each event, these competitors will be moving on to the State Leadership Conference in March (SLC):

The chapter was also able to test their FBLA knowledge through the statesman exam and SFHS FBLA members Nevin Kunampuram, Saanvi Kankipati, Swapnika Gullapalli and Mahi Nimmagadda passed.

Shayne Murphy, a team member from the Social Media Strategies competition said, “seeing all of my group’s hard work payoff is so rewarding, and I love the memories I have gotten to make through FBLA.”

Apart from these competitions, there were many fun workshops and speakers for students to expand their business knowledge among many other motivated students from all around Georgia. These leadership training opportunities went over many different topics that intrigued students and brought them one step closer to being future business leaders. 

Ishan Mahajan, an FBLA member who attended the conference, detailed his experience. “FLC was a great experience as it was informative and enriching to go to. The variety of workshops and the opening session greatly inspired me to become and active FBLA member.”

Another highlight of the event was the Monopoly Tournament. Students from different FBLA chapters went head-to-head in a fun and logical game of Monopoly. Additionally, there were different opportunities to win awards and recognition such as the Battle of the Chapters and Statesmen Award. South Forsyth will also be advancing in the Battle of the Chapters and taking part in finals at SLC!

One of the team members on the Battle of the Chapter team, Nevin Kunampuram elaborates, “Learning about the fundamentals of FBLA with my team was truly interesting.” 

Looking forward, the school’s FBLA chapter has a bright semester ahead of them with the Regional Leadership Conference also coming up soon. Ultimately, South Forsyth High School had a blast at the productive two-day FLC and soared higher as future business leaders.