Attempted Jewelry Theft Injures 1, Closes Mall of Georgia Temporarily


"Macys - Mall of Georgia Buford, GA" by MikeKalasnik is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Stabbing at the Mall of Georgia. Macy’s manager gets stabbed amidst a robbery. 27-year-old Jose Reyes-Serrato was shot and arrested for the robbery.

Maggie Craig, Editor-In-Chief

On Friday, Sept. 2nd, 27-year-old Jose Reyes-Serrato attempted to rob the jewelry department at Macy’s in the Mall of Georgia. According to officials, Reyes-Serrato allegedly armed himself with a kitchen knife and stabbed an employee, later identified as 55-year-old David Walker, who attempted to intervene. 

Gwinnett Police Sgt. Jennifer Richter told FOX5 News, “The suspect entered the store and began smashing the jewelry cases with a possible crowbar or some other similar object and stealing the jewelry.” 

After the incident occurred, Reyes-Serrato managed to escape in his truck, but the police arrived shortly after. Online video footage of the encounter shows a Gwinnett police cruiser ramming into the suspect’s truck twice at the entrance of the mall. 

In the video, the suspect leaves his truck after the second hit from the cruiser and begins to run away before the police shoot him in the leg. 

Both Walker and Reyes-Serrato are recovering in the hospital and officials say both will survive. Only Walker sustained serious injuries during the event, and no other pedestrians or law enforcement were caught in the crossfire. 

Due to the incident, the Mall of Georgia closed for a short period of time.