Gia Anish, Contributing Poet

Silence, the loudest sound of all

So loud that a pin could be heard dropping

Silence, the place where secrets unravel

Where your deepest fears comes true


Silence where nothing rejects you,

But everything rejects you

A place where it betrays your secrets

Then leaves you in the dark


Silence, the place where you tell all your secrets

A sound you cry too

A place where you are yourself

A sound so loud, that you feel lonely


A sound that breaks your heart

Then fixes it

Then breaks it again

Only to fix it once more


When you think about it,

Silence is toxic.

It can kill you

It can make you feel useless


It can encourage you that their words aren’t important

It can make you feel good.

Silence, louder than the sound of noise

Yet, the opposite of it.