South’s 585 Cafe Spreads the Love with Their “Be Mine” Treat Special


Sayna Kaushik

Sprinkling love all around. South’s culinary students create an innovative Valentine’s Day opportunity for students to pre-order sweet treats for their friends. Many students have enjoyed this opportunity as they can suprise their peers with these yummy desserts.

Shree Delwadia, Editor-In-Chief

South Forsyth High School’s culinary program is organizing a fun “Be Mine” treat special for this Valentine’s Day.

The 585 Cafe is sponsoring this event, and students can choose a delicious treat to send to their friends or themselves to celebrate the holiday. Students can pre-order from one of three treat options during all three lunch periods on either Monday, February 7th, or Tuesday, February 8th in the main hall atrium.

Students and teachers have various options to choose from, ranging from a rich chocolate delicacy to a fluffy ganache-filled cupcake. With these treats, students can choose to write a message to that special friend or send an anonymous message as well to their secret someone. To learn more about the various options, check out the slideshow below!

585 Cafe Specials by Shree Delwadia

The 585 Cafe is excited to start this new tradition as South. This unique event, similar to Candy Grams many students received in middle school, is an opportunity for culinary students to combine their love of cooking and people as they give back to the school. They hope that these treats will bring happiness to many students as they share treats with their peers and teachers.

Senior Michelle Montes de Oca, a passionate culinary student, shared her perspective on the “Be Mine” event. 

“Honestly, it’s super fun getting involved with the production of these treats,” said Montes de Oca. “I know first hand we did a lot of Research and Development just to come up with something everyone would enjoy. I think a lot of people need something that cheers them up each day. What better way to bring a smile to someone’s face than a huge cupcake, chocolate strawberries, or a pair of cute truffles? I hope I can speak on behalf of 585 Cafe Cart in that we are thankful for everyone’s support this year — through long lines and changing menus, we really want to express our gratitude. Hopefully, the Be Mine event shows a bit of a personal thank you to everyone!”

Be sure to pre-order these flavorful treats during lunch this Monday or Tuesday to support South’s culinary students as they spread the love within our school.