Set It Off Visits a New World in their Upcoming Album: “Elsewhere”


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Set It Off’s drummer, Maxx Danziger, performs with the band in 2015. Licensed under Creative Commons courtesy of WordPress.

Kate Geiger, Columns Editor

“Skin and bone, vulnerable/

Crack my ribs and make me whole/

Come and breathe the air into my lung/

I just want to be your skeleton…”

Does it sound catchy? These lyrics will capture a fan’s mind in a matter of seconds. This song, “Skeleton”, was recently released by the pop-punk band Set It Off as part of their upcoming album, Elsewhere (2022). The song heavily features the emotion of vulnerability. Many of their songs are popular because they are relatable on an emotional level.

The original band members of Set It Off, Cody Carson (lead vocals) and Dan Clermont (guitarist) met in a place that is very familiar to all SFHS students: high school. Cody dropped out of college and founded Set It Off in 2008. Guitarists Zach DeWall and Austin Kerr became members soon after the band formed. In 2010, Maxx Danziger joined as the band’s drummer

Their debut album, Horrible Kids, came out in 2011.  Horrible Kids was defined by a punk-rock type of music. Moving forward into Cinematics (2012), their style became more theatrical rock.  Duality (2014) reflected a more pop punk style. Upside Down (2016) is their most pop-leaning album to date, whereas Midnight (2019), the band’s most recent release, is a mix of every album style. 

Despite some band members having left since its founding, the upcoming album is exciting for fans. Elsewhere (2022) will be released on March 11 of this year.  

To celebrate the upcoming album, we talked to a Forsyth County student and fan of Set It Off, Junior Sophi Zagarella.

Q: How did you find out about the band?

 A: In middle school, I used to listen to nightcore and I saw a nightcore version of “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead” and I looked up the original version on Spotify and thought it was cool so I kept looking at more of their songs and I’ve been a fan ever since.

Q: What is your favorite Set It Off song and why?

 A: It usually changes but currently my favorite song is “Hypnotized”. It allows me to let out any anger and emotions I’m feeling. I think anyone who [has faced difficulties] in life might find this song relatable.

Q: What do you like about them?

A: I like that each album has [a] unique style and theme; they really go above and beyond and the people themselves are probably the sweetest people you’ll ever meet.

Q: What do you think about their new album, “Elsewhere”?

A: Even though the album hasn’t [been] released yet, I’m really excited for this era. I love how Set It Off created an entire backstory with lore and everything for this album. The Welcome to Elsewhere tour was so much fun and they really know how to keep the crowd entertained and engaged.

Despite the many comings and goings of band members and musical styles, the loyal fans of Set It Off are excited for the new album and everything it has in store.

The album releases on March 11, 2022 and you can stream it through most major music providers, or you can visit the band’s website here for more information.