A Fiery Beginning: all About Aries


Saahithya Gutta

More than the ram. All zodiac signs have multiple symbols. Some symbols for Aries other than the ram include tiger lilies, iron, and the color red. Mars has also always represented Aries.

Saahithya Gutta, Lifestyle & Features Editor, Social Media Lead

How appropriate that our first informational article is about the first sign of the zodiac. I know all the Aries wouldn’t want it any other way. Personally, I’m an Aries Sun, but that’s not why I’m writing about it first.

Aries starts off the astrological calendar and rings in Spring. The season for the feisty fire sign starts on the Spring Equinox and ends in the middle of April. The dates for the start and end of each zodiac sign change year-to-year because they’re based on the lunar calendar. 

History and Mythology

In the second century the Greek astronomer, Ptolemy, became the first to discover and catalog the constellation for Aries. When the Babylonians first created the zodiac, Aries was represented by an agrarian worker. They later changed it to a ram, although the reason for this is unknown. The brightest star in the Aries constellation boasts the name Hamal, meaning “sheep” in Arabic. 

Aries is associated with the Egyptian god Amon who was considered the King of the Gods. He was sometimes portrayed in human form with the head of a ram. 

In Greek mythology, the ram of Aries’s constellation is considered to be the golden ram. Phrixus, son of King Athamas, fled from Thessaly and went to Colchis on the back of the golden ram. In Colchis, Phrixus sacrificed the ram to Zeus and the latter placed the ram in the sky as a constellation. Later on, Jason and the Argonauts ventured to retrieve the golden fleece of the ram from Colchis in order to restore Jason to his rightful place on the throne of Thessaly. 

General Properties

Aries is a fire sign and a cardinal sign. Like all signs, they have positive energy and negative energy. Whether the positive or negative manifests in one’s birth chart depends on Aries’s interactions. On their best days, Aries are fiery, passionate and natural-born leaders. At their worst, they can be temperamental, impatient and bossy. 

The symbol for Aries is the ram which is fitting because people with Aries in their charts can dive headfirst into new things without much planning or detail. Aries can be impulsive and direct. Being the first sign, they’re also the child of the zodiac. 

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Aries, like all fire signs, are loyal, impulsive and creative. They have a childlike disposition and they are constantly trying new things. Aries love to embark on new adventures and they tend to start many different projects and ventures. However, they are not always very good at finishing the projects they start. Follow-through can be difficult for Aries placements.  

Aries through the Planets 

Sun: The sun deals with ego and the core of oneself. In this placement, Aries is exalted, meaning its placement is complementary to its characteristics. Aries suns are uncomplicated people who prefer to live in the present. They tend to know what they want and their Cardinal nature means that they have no qualms about going after it. Aries suns can also be impulsive and hot-headed. 

Moon: In accordance with true Aries nature, Aries moons face the world head-on. However, while Aries suns may apply their direct nature to move through the world, Aries moons turn inwards. They are confrontational when it comes to their feelings. Moon in Aries is defensive, temperamental, and independent. 

Mercury: Mercury is the sign of communication and Aries’s direct nature makes an Aries Mercury an incredibly straightforward communicator. Aries mercury makes quick decisions and they don’t beat around the bush. They make their points quickly and honestly. The sensitive and defensive nature of Aries means that an Aries Mercury can get attached to their ideas and opinions. 

Venus: Aries is in detriment on the planet of love and beauty. This means that Aries is out of its comfort zone in Venus. When a placement is in detriment it requires more attention. Aries Venus values honesty in their relationships. Aries in general is spontaneous and fun-loving; Aries Venus applies that spontaneity to their relationships. They are the people who send random flowers on a Tuesday “just because” or book weekend getaways as a surprise.   

Mars: Because Mars rules Aries, the sign is right at home on this planet. Mars is the planet of energy, passion, anger, and drive. Aries Mars is quick to act; their tempers are quick and temporal. Their confrontational nature means they deal with their problems head-on. This is a placement that makes quick decisions and acts on instinct. 

Jupiter: Jupiter, the planet of luck, tells us where and how we’ll find the most luck. Aries in Jupiter will find prosperity in opportunities with leadership and innovation. 

Saturn: Saturn is Jupiter’s opposite in astrology. While Jupiter is all about manifestation and luck, Capricorn-ruled Saturn is about hard work. Saturn is kind of like the parent of astrology. Aries Saturn is resourceful but may have trouble being the center of attention. Contrary to other Aries placements, Saturn in Aries actually tends to avoid confrontation and decision-making. 

Wherever Aries may lie in a birth chart, it brings vibrant, child-like energy. Though that energy is sometimes buried under bad days and overbearing placements, at the end of the day, it is still there.