Maggie Craig

Anime captivates all. “Demon Slayer” is an action anime series that has grown to fame since its 2019 release. The show’s art style and music charmed its audience and made it a great place to start when you first start watching anime.

The Ultimate Anime Guide: A Rundown of Awesome Anime Starters

Due to the massive growth of TikTok during the pandemic, the social media platform gave rise to a form of entertainment that went under the radar for many. Japanese cartoons, or anime, rose to fame when many TikTok users saw the cartoons go viral under various TikTok sounds, videos, and creators.

And in 2022, the anime ball has not stopped rolling. With the abundance of both clips and cosplay circulating the Internet, many first-time anime watchers have a difficult time figuring out how to navigate the vast amount of shows. From fast-paced, action-packed shows to slow-burn romances, the list of anime shows to watch is endless.

 So if you’re in that bubble where you are interested in anime, but you don’t know where to start, here are a few recommendations from four different anime genres that will get you hooked and intrigued in no time. 

Psychological Thriller

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