POT of Gold

Tisha Kaur, Sci & Tech Editor

Wondrous magic, incredible things

It’s up to you, decide what to bring

Your thoughts are the magic, such incredulous things

They determine everything


Your thoughts determine your actions

Your actions determine your habits

And your habits create your way of life

Whether good or bad, its now your destiny

Your thoughts- the simple, complex, wondrous things- 

Create everything


The energy you radiate, attracts the similar vibe

So you get what you give

It’s up to you to decide


The pen’s in your hand, and now’s the time

The beautiful sun, always bright

Be like the sun; at least just try

Become aware, grateful, and kind

Your thoughts are power, mystical, and of importance

And you can do it, with a little bit of focus


So turn the tide, 

and light the growth flame

create what you desire

It all starts with you

Now use your P.O.T of gold

And use the power of thoughts to create the life of your wildest dreams