Homecoming Spirit Week

October 26, 2021

This HoCo spirit week was full of entertaining themes ranging from hilarious onesies to intricate ensembles. Each theme brought out a different side of SoFo staff and students’ personalities as they donned costumes to match every day. With the opportunity for group costumes on several days, spirit week truly brought the student body together in preparation for the big day.

On Monday, students and teachers rolled right out of bed with their cozy pajamas sporting some of their favorite hobbies from M&Ms to Star Wars. Some teachers even took it an extra step and donned full robes, embracing the Scrooge aesthetic to its fullest. Others had an even more hilarious take, coming to school in extravagant nightgowns.

Tuesday was twin day, and we saw multitudes of best friends dressing up as twins to celebrate the event. From matching hoodies to completely coordinated outfits, many of the ensembles had people seeing double.

Wednesday was character day, and students dressed up to match their favorite characters from shows, movies, books and even real life. Several staff members dressed to match and from a series of characters, such as those from Toy Story. Ms. Hunt and Mr. Wolff were Jessie and Woody, and Mr. Nelson dressed up as Buzz Lightyear. Several students even dressed up as their favorite teachers to have fun with the theme.

Thursday, which was decades day, saw the student body sporting clothes from every decade of fashion history. Some teachers went all-out with Victorian ball gowns, whereas others kept it more low-key with a pair of mom jeans and an oversized tee reminiscent of the ‘90s.

Friday was class color day; every grade dressed up in their respective colors to hype up the school for the oncoming game. The Spirit Week truly built up excitement in the student body for the game and the thrilling dance. 

Check out the slideshow below featuring different students and teachers who have dressed up throughout the week!

SFHS Homecoming Spirit Week by Shree Delwadia

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