Apple’s 2021 Releases Revolutionized the Tech Industry: An Overview


image by Apple inc.

An addition to the lineup. Recently, Apple introduces a stunning iPhone 13 which features updated camera, smoother display, and updated video production options. Apple enthusiasts were excited to see what this new phone has to offer.

Chris Bunker, Photo Editor

Apple Inc. has yet again come out with an astounding line-up of clean, high-quality phones with some pretty innovative features. The company recently released several new electronics including the iPad Mini, the Apple Watch (Special Edition), and most importantly, the iPhone 13.

Though the iPhone 13 lineup is similar to the iPhone 12 lineup, there are quite a few differences distinct differences.  The iPhone 13 and 13 mini now have a diagonal camera in order to incorporate a wide-angle view without having three cameras. Additionally, Apple claims their new A15 chip is fifty percent faster than its competitors, making the phone faster and more smooth than ever.  Furthermore, Apple’s new colors for the iPhone 13 include faded pink, a new darker blue, black and white, and their more recent reveal of product red which came out with the iPhone X lineup.

Apple has continued with their ceramic shield screens which are tougher than any other iPhone screen the iPhone 13 mini will have all the components of the 13 but has a 5.4-inch display as opposed to the iPhone thirteenth’s 6.1-inch display.  Also, they are also continuing with their stainless steel durable flat edge design for the outside.

The company has also made an advancement into the film industry by releasing what they call cinematic mode. This mode allows filmmakers to smoothly shift focus from a person to another subject with precision on their device.

Furthermore, the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max are highly upgraded due to the variety of features starting with their 6.1 and 6.7-inch displays. These phones are now available in a sierra blue color which is a beautiful light pastel blue as well as silver, gold, and graphite.  Similar to past products, Apple has continued to include its surgical grade stainless steel frame and their ceramic shield Oled screens have the highest quality of color in these new phones.

Apple Inc.’s CEO, Tim Cook, has once again shocked us all with the innovation of his company’s astonishing camera improvements. Apple’s return of the sapphire camera lenses now includes MACRO lenses which can shoot up to 2 centimeters from its intended target with crystal clear focus. Additionally, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Max have a wide range camera with night low light aperture adjustment which allows iPhone users to have crisp lighting along with being able to capture 2.2x more light in dark areas. Apple has taken many of these same features and transferred them to the new iPad mini as well.

The new iPad mini is equipped with the new Ceramic Shield Oled screen, an all-new A15 Bionic chip, with super-fast 5G wifi, and starts in four colors. The 8.3-inch Liquid Retina display accentuates the True Tone wide color allowing the device’s screen to be sharp and vivid in color.

Like the 2021 iPad Air and Pro, the new Apple Pencil attaches magnetically for a past and reliable connection. The iPad mini with landscape stereo speakers and Touch ID in the power button like its predecessors that came before it. The iPad also features an ultra-wide camera for improved Facetime clarity, as well as for pictures.

Shortly after the Apple Watch 6 release, Apple Watch special edition was released by Apple with a couple of upgrades. With a water-resistant seal and full fitness plus, Apple claims the apple watch SE is a high competitor in the very good bands that watch over health. With an over 30 percent bigger display than the Series 3 and a two times faster chip, the Apple Watch has evolved a long way from its beginning. The Apple Watch SE  comes in 40mm and 44mm with a silver gold and space grey choice in color. Furthermore, All Watch SE’s are made from 100 percent recycled aluminum. With a connection to Apple Wallet along with GPS, the possibilities are endless.

With all these new advancements this year Apple has put its best foot forward for this year. The company’s 2021 release has really changed the camera industry and revolutionized the portability of quality cameras.