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Staying organized. Many students utilize planners and other scheduling platforms to ensure they stay on top of all their activities. Students have also suggested that scheduling their week out benefits their time management skills.

Planning Tips

All high school students, whether virtual or in-person, have a variety of activities they participate in such as extracurriculars, personal events, or class deadlines. While some individuals like to say they have their entire schedule and date memorized, it’s often helpful to have a physical or digital planner that organizes important dates, deadlines, events, and other information necessary for success in and out of school. 

Planning ahead of time. During high school, many students are often participating in a variety of advanced classes, sports, extracurriculars and more. The video above highlighted a few tips and tricks to make your planner and yourself feel organized. Used from

When deciding how to organize your schedule, there are a variety of options to choose from. Students can utilize a physical calendar which can be bought from different stores, or use an online calendar to list their schedule and other notes they need throughout the week. While this is a suggestion, it’s helpful to get a planner that allows you to write information in rather than a simple calendar. With space for each day in your planner, you can write your homework for each class, assessment dates, assignment deadlines, and other meetings or activities you might need to attend. This might sound tedious to some students, but it allows them to plan ahead of time and give them an idea of how to space out their work throughout the week. Additionally, within your planner, you can color-code different classes and events to help stay more organized and prepared for the upcoming school year. Time management is essential to succeeding in school, and continuing to utilize your planner will decrease the likelihood of you having to pull an all-nighter. 

For those who are more tech-savvy, there are many digital calendars and planning apps available for students to use, for free. For example, everyone’s phone features its own calendar app. Moreover, Google and Apple Calendar are accessible anywhere, allowing students to see and update their calendar whenever and wherever they might need. The two mentioned calendars also enable students to add reminders and tasks that they can check off once completed.  

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Another great app that students can use for planning is known as Notion. Alongside the benefits of utilizing the calendar tool, students can take their notes and create their own documents all in one place. The convenience and accessibility of Notion truly allow each student to personalize how they want to organize their schedule. This app is available for students to download on Windows, Google Play, and Apple.

Ultimately, the importance of using a planner speaks for itself. Students need to space out their studying and work schedule to be able to work efficiently as well as be able to take care of themselves during the school year. The biggest piece of advice when it comes to planning is to know your strengths and weaknesses. Students should structure their time wisely to avoid reading an entire book the day before it is due or write an entire thesis paper the night before. 



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