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Binder organization. For many students, it’s important to separate and organize their assignments for each class in order to be prepared for each class. It’s suggested by many other students that using binders prevents the issue of “lost” or “late” assignments.

Binder Basics

 Whether it’s an assignment, another test, or more class notes, it’s important to stay organized throughout the school year. For those transitioning to in-person school this year, their class materials have transformed from being entirely digital to on paper. With the possibility of having seven classes and a variety of materials for each of those classes, it’s important to utilize binders and effectively organize them. In fact, staying organized as a student is scientifically studied to result in more productivity.  Disorganized materials and other clutter stuffed in your backpack or binder can decrease your motivation, so it’s important to organize your school materials to work towards success in each class. 

Additional supplies. Within a binder, there are other organizational supplies that students can purchase in order to efficiently separate class assignments from class tests or notes. Some students have purchased page protectors in order to always have access to documents needed during the entire year. (Shree Delwadia)

To start, many stores offer a diverse selection of brands when it comes to binders. Some binders are encased in zipped portfolios while others are a regular three-ring binder. Avery is a company often recommended for durable binders; however, most of the time, generic or store-brand binders are just as useful in organizations as other branded ones. School binders range from a half-inch to nearly six inches, providing different options for students based on the amount of content for their class. Generally, teachers discuss their class syllabus and basic materials that high school students need for their class, allowing them to find a binder that matches those criteria. If not specified, students can choose to combine subjects in one large binder or use a smaller binder for the class. Ultimately, when it comes to binder sizes and types, the preference is up to the student and their needs for their different classes. 

An important thing to remember when choosing a binder is to choose a variety of colors and designs. This suggestion is helpful because it can prevent you from mixing up binders for certain classes. For instance, if you have the same color binder for three of your classes and you might not need all your binders. One day, you might accidentally grab the wrong binder since they are all the same colors. It’s also helpful to have a binder cover page slipped into the front of your binder with information such as the class, your name, and your teacher. You can design a simple binder cover on online platforms such as Google Docs or Microsoft Word. Moreover, if you want to be a little more creative, Canva is an amazing platform to design your own binder covers.

Additionally, class assignments and notes are not the only materials you should keep in your binder. To ensure you are prepared for class, you can add a simple three-hole-punched pencil pouch with simple supplies such as pencils, pens, sticky notes, a scissor and glue sticks. These supplies can vary depending on the class you are taking, but it’s a simple technique to stay focused and not be distracted by searching for your supplies. 

With binders, sub-organization within the binder is essential to staying on top of your class materials. When shopping for school supplies, you can also purchase tabbed dividers, page protectors, and lined paper to keep you organized and prepared for your classes. 

Ultimately, regardless of the purchased school supplies, it’s important to buy the materials that help you as a student stay organized with your classes and assignments. Taking ownership of your own learning is important to the success of your academic career, and staying organized is a great step in that journey.

An effective binder. The video demonstrates different materials that students can use to further organize their binder and their other materials. Additionally, it is suggested by a variety of individuals to utilize one binder for multiple subjects to avoid carrying a large load if possible. Used from

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