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Starting the year off right. As the new school year kicks off, it’s important to purchase school supplies that supports students in their success during the year. Many students have been worried about buying the right supplies; however, they can never go wrong with the basic necessities.

SOFO School Supplies – A guide for students, by students

The 2021-2022 school year marked one of the only school years where both a predominant sophomore class and a new freshman class entered South Forsyth High School in-person for the first time. Without the school supply lists that elementary and middle schools provided, order and structure can be hard to find. Many students were virtual last year, armed with only their laptops and a good wi-fi connection for the majority of their classes. However, in-person school requires a lot more organization to succeed. The right organizational tools can help students excel in their classes and avoid losing things, as well as add a creative spark to assignments and projects. The following boxes will help guide students through some of the most common types of supplies, as well as two seniors’ recommendations of how to focus on buying them.

Getting organized. Lifestyle youtuber Susan Carolynn discusses some of her key school supplies for the school year. As she walked through the store, she explained her thought process for each purchase. Video used from
Writing Utensils
Accessories and More
Binder Basics
Planning Tips

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