Dancing through Vintage Hollywood: Prom 2021


Used with permission by Alex Van Alstyne

Vintage vehicles! Juniors Shruthi Kapoor and Alex Van Alstyne sit in the vintage bicycle the school rented for the aesthetic. There were many places around the venue for perfect photo-ops to create lasting memories.

      Long, shimmering dresses and matching ties, boxes of corsages and endless rounds of photos: Prom is an annual tradition that marks a monumental moment in the lives of high school students. The dance is a rite of passage to symbolize one last night of youth before adulthood. However, due to the pandemic, SFHS made alterations to the event in order to comply with the CDC guidelines. Nonetheless, it was still a magical evening for many, and everyone was grateful that the school was able to pull off an in-person prom this year.

One of the many changes to prom this school year was that the school staff distributed masks, took the temperatures of the dancers, and directed students to the entrance of the ballroom at the Hotel Avalon. Inside, students checked in at their table according to alphabetical order. Giant doorways led into the ballroom of the hotel. The lights were dim and there were tables all around the outskirts of the room on carpet, surrounding the wooden dance floor. A breathtaking light fixture aided in the soft lighting of the dance floor below. At one corner of the room, guests would find two photo booths, one of which utilized an old automobile in order to emphasize the “Old Hollywood” theme for this year’s prom. On the opposite side of the ballroom, students could find a table of snacks along with a refrigerator full of water bottles. Students were able to make prom night one to remember by sending in song requests via a Google Form. A disco ball by the DJ at the edge of the dance floor helped set the tone as students danced the night away. 

One of the most significant traditions of any prom is to have the announcement of two individuals as prom royalty. Later into the evening, Mr. Wolff announced the winners of the prom court. Juniors of the prom court included Swetha Pendela, Jimmy Phan, Ishita Raghuvanashi, and Emory Hilton. Seniors of the prom court included Ryan Bohn, Bradley Hutcheson, Esther Kim, and Jack D’Amico. The winners of Prom Royalty were Yash Sajjan and Josie Malave. Students spent the remainder of the evening dancing and creating memories that would last a lifetime. The night ended with a slow dance to unwind and conclude the prom. 

Overall, the event was a success for the juniors and seniors of SFHS, especially when the school issued COVID-19 guidelines. Everyone had a great time; and although the mask-wearing serves as a fun new accessory for prom, the underclassmen are ready to have a classic dance once again. Click the gallery to view pictures from prom!