Welcome to the Ranch! South’s 5th Track and Field Meet


Used with permission from Sara Aylay

3200 (2 mile-8 laps). On Friday, March 12, freshman Isabel Yonas takes on the mile and battles through the intense competition. Yonas achieved a PR (personal record) of 11:40, and finished first with no hestitation.

Carmel Yonas, Opinions Editor & Senior Reporter

South Forsyth’s Track and Field athletes competed in their fifth meet at Lanier High School on March 12. This meet consisted of only eight teams, which raised the bar of competitiveness for South athletes. In addition, the sunny weather complemented the athletic performances for the day and attracted more spectators throughout the morning and afternoon. Overall, South finished the meet with outstanding results as they persevered through the meet.

Beginning with South girls, sophomore Carmel Yonas placed second in the 800 meter (2 laps) with a time of 2:24, as she took off from the last 200-meter mark. Two runners behind, senior Emma O’Connor rushed to the finish line and ended her race with a time of 2:35. O’Connor raced in her realm of specialty; she knew exactly where and when to surge as she competed for top three.

In the 1600 meter (1 mile- 4 laps), the race for first place sparked excitement through the stands and in the competitors as well. O’Connor also participated in the event and placed third overall with a time of 5:36. Another senior, Madi Butler, crossed the line in fifth and achieved a time of 5:56. Butler’s goal of finishing a mile in under 6 minutes finally came to fruition.

“I wanted to get a PR, but I was definitely surprised with what I was able to do because I was injured. However, I’m very happy with my season, and accomplished most of my goal, but I wish my season didn’t have to end soon”, Butler commented.

The 3200 meter (2 mile- 8 laps) concluded the day of events. Freshman Isabel Yonas bolted through the race in first place from start to finish. She ended with a time of 11:40, seven seconds ahead of second place; as Yonas finished, freshman Molly Hanlon came in third place with a time of 12:38. These were only a couple of South’s varsity runners from the girls’ results.

Furthermore, varsity sprinter, sophomore Chris Nelson, won the 100 meter (11.04) and 200 meter dash (22.20) yet again. Right behind him in the 200, twin brother Josh Nelson finished with a time of 22.26. The only barrier separating the Nelsons was 6 milliseconds.

In the 800 meter, senior Sam Gullo finished in second place by one second (2:09), while the audience roared in support. Next, senior Devin Schmuckal, freshman Adam Zorko, and senior Sebastian Elisan competed in the 1600 meter run. As Schmuckal placed second overall (4:47), Zorko ended in fourth (4:50) while Elisan paved his way to eighth (4:56).

Later on, in the 3200 meter, sophomore Ben Bergey and junior Nate Verska gave the crowd a run for their money. For most of the race, the boys stuck together, and it became unclear who would win. However, after lap 5, Bergey slowly began to create distance, and by the eighth and final lap concluded his race almost 200 meters away from Verska.

“Heading into the last lap I felt as though I went out too hard, but then reassured myself that I can’t give up now, and somehow brought myself to kick it in as my mind went blank,” said Bergey. “Normally, I’m never happy with my races and always feel that I could do better, but when I heard my time and result I couldn’t help but celebrate. It’s exciting to recognize my achievements once in a while, and I’m very eager to get back to work.”

The boys placed first and second, Bergey with a time of 9:30 and Verska with a time of 9:38. Although they competed in the 3200 for the first time, the varsity runners performed to the best of their ability and stunned the crowd. Another varsity runner on South, senior Mark Martin, made an appearance in the top 5 as well. He finished with a time of 10:38 and won fifth place by nine seconds.

South Forsyth’s stupendous performance this meet formed their reputation as a team. They were more than ready for the state championship during this time and paved a clear way to county. Halfway through the season, South distance runners, sprinters, and field event participants have already achieved PR’s (personal records) as they crushed all other competitions.