Shree Delwadia

A special moment. Students all over the school try to find the perfect words to ask their date to prom. Many have worked to create a witty and fun promposal idea to surprise their prom dates.


Let’s all be realistic. The planning and excitement for prom starts months before prom actually takes place. In fact, as prom is right around the corner, many individuals are taking the opportunity to ask out their special someone to accompany them to this memorable night! To elaborate, a promposal is a unique and creative way of asking your date if they would like to come to prom with you. When it comes to promposals, some individuals go full out with real-life recreations of movies or television shows. On the other hand, some individuals may incorporate posters, foods, or other romantic items into their ‘big ask’. Regardless of the size of the proposal, all that matters is the sentiment and positive emotions associated with this event. 

While there is no rule in the prom handbook that claims elaborate promposals are required, asking an individual to prom in a creative or romantic way sure allows for an Instagram-worthy moment. The promposal could involve just you and your prom date or it could include a large group of family and friends; it all depends on the size and extent of your promposal and what it needs in order to be executed. 

Additionally, even though there are a multitude of different lines to ask your date if they would like to go to prom with you, it’s important to add your own special touch to your proposal. If you want to use a poster for the promposal, be sure to fit in the question in connection with something the other individual enjoys. The options and designs are endless when it comes to thinking about these posters, so the best way to figure out what to include in your ‘big ask’ is based on what that special someone you are asking loves such as their favorite candy, favorite restaurant, favorite movie, favorite drink, etc. Below is a slideshow of different questions to write on a poster! Be sure to accompany each poster with an item that matches the theme of the question.

Promposals by Shree Delwadia

However, posters are not the only option when it comes to promposals. An individual can create a promposal scene that involves just the two of them (such as on a date) or involves a whole crowd (such as an entire team or group of friends). It’s important to remember that in order for a promposal to be memorable, an individual does not have to go over the top in planning and success. It’s more about the time and memories created in the moment of asking someone to prom; the gesture of a promposal itself is more than enough to warm that special someone’s heart and make way for a warm smile on their face.

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