Road rage incident at local shopping outlet


Lisa Holiday

An unforeseen situation. Recently, there was a crime scene at a common hangout spot in Forsyth County. Many students who were at the site of the stabbing were shocked and scared by the horrific events.

A road rage altercation between two drivers at approximately 6:30 p.m. on Friday, March 19th at the Collection at Forsyth led to the brutal stabbing of a man. Public crowds surrounded the yellow tape around the parking lot in front of the popular Mexican restaurant, Cheeky. At the crime scene, investigators placed evidence markers around the blood spatter on the sidewalk, on the road, and next to the pool of blood on one of the parking spaces. 

Nineteen-year-old Christopher Hamill was charged with Aggravated Assault with other weapons and Aggravated Battery. As of now, Hamill is being held at Forsyth County Jail on no bond, meaning that no bail information has been released for the suspect.

To elaborate on the background of this situation, Hamill, an impatient driver stuck in a traffic jam, was angered by another man’s driving. This led to both drivers stopping in front of Cheeky. The loud argument quickly turned violent when Hamill stabbed the other man four times, causing a horrifying and bloody crime scene. The suspect left when authorities were called but he was quickly apprehended near the back of the Collection in front of Kraft Cleaner and Alterations. Officers surrounded a blue sedan with yellow caution tape and sent in their K-9 unit to aid in the recovery of any necessary evidence. The victim of this brutal crime was rushed to the hospital and taken into surgery in order to stop the bleeding. Unfortunately, the victim remains in critical condition at North Fulton Hospital as doctors fight to save his life.

As for the residents of Forsyth County, many are now concerned regarding the safety at the Collection. Many individuals were shocked by the altercation; as a crime like this has never occurred at this popular outdoor mall before. In fact, there were many SFHS students at the crime scene.

“The incident freaked me out,” said senior Harper Mason. “It is common to hear about incidents like these on the news but you’d never think a crime as violent as this one would happen so close to home. I was surprised to hear that someone had been stabbed over something as minor as road rage. This event does concern me and I feel like they shouldn’t have gotten out of their cars.”

Another senior, Charlotte Middlebrooks, also recalled her experience at the site of the crime scene. 

“My first reaction to the busy crime scene and blood on the ground was shock,” said Middlebrooks. “The fact that such violence occurred so close by over a bit of road rage was crazy. I don’t think I will feel unsafe at the Collection, but I will be more aware of my surroundings.”

Similar to the response of SFHS seniors, the stabbing at the Collection has worried Forsyth residents since the violent act is so out of character for the area.