A crisis on the Southern border unfolds under Biden Administration


Photo used from Flickr by Peter Stevens

President Joe Biden. The Biden administration is receiving backlash because of the surge of immigrants at the Mexican-American border. The increase of unaccompanied children has been the main concern for border patrol agents.

Lucy Moon, Staff Writer

Recently, the White House has been quiet about the chaos ensuing on the Mexican-American border. Immigrants and unaccompanied children are traveling miles to show up to the American border just to be shoved into compact housing with other people they’ve never seen before.

When Joe Biden became president, caravans of people started their travels towards America because of Biden’s promise to “preserve the dignity of immigrant families, refugees, and asylum-seekers.” 

It has been reported that 100,000 migrants have tried to come into America in February. The spike of people showing up at the border has provided The White House with the challenge of preserving the safety of Americans and immigrants – especially amongst the COVID-19 pandemic. Border Patrol Facilities have been reopened to house immigrants, and the conditions of these facilities are being questioned.

Senior Monica Mazurek is passionate about the crisis unfolding: “The flooding of the southern border is completely unfortunate, as thousands of immigrants were falsely led to believe that they would be welcomed with open arms by the Biden administration. Most adults and families are being turned away, but unaccompanied minor children are allowed to enter for their claims to process. The influx his administration was warned about happened accordingly, and to say that they were underprepared is an understatement. The Biden administration is ‘basically having to build the plane as [it is] flying,’ according to Susan Rice, Joe Biden’s domestic policy advisor.”

The surge of child immigrants is one of the main concerns. NBC News reports that over 4,200 children are in custody, and the maximum 72 hour limit in these facilities is being pushed over the threshold. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas expressed the challenge of a massive amount of children showing up without a parent or guardian. Additionally, the rise in immigrants is leading to increased health risks and overcrowded conditions. Conservative columnist Benny Johnson tweets breaking pictures of immigrant housing facilities, and they’re raising concern from both political sides of the aisle.

Furthermore, reporters in the White House press briefing room continue to press White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki regarding the situation. On March 11, Psaki slipped up and referred to the situation as, “a crisis on the border,” but switched her wording to “challenges” later on.

“They [The Biden Administration] were never prepared in the first place, so they are now avoiding calling the border situation a crisis (which it is), and using Obama founded tactics (that Trump was blamed for and the Biden administration swore they would never use) to hold children in less than livable conditions.” Mazurek continues, “The least you can do if you are an openly ‘pro-illegal immigrant administration’ is to be prepared to house them and deal with them ethically.”

Senior Grayson Buchholz also commented on his perspective regarding this issue: “I feel as if the handling of the situation on the southern border can be described as disappointing. After the past 4 years of the Trump administration and the continual media pressure on his immigration policy, the lack of accountability for the Biden administration’s continuation of immigrant internment policy is disappointing. I hope to see a change in the attitude toward the Biden administration’s policy on the southern border in order to ensure the procedure is changed for the better that helps Americans and illegal immigrants accordingly.”

As a result of the nation’s uproar, President Biden released on Wednesday that Vice President Harris will lead the movement to alleviate the southern border.