The legacy of Hammerin’ Hank lives on


Used from Wikimedia Commons by LBJ Library

1966 baseball card. Henry Aaron plays baseball for the Atlanta Braves. Hammerin’ Hank was an immensely talented player that set many records in baseball. One may not be surpassed: 25 All-Star selections.

Kayleigh Emberton, Senior Editor

Henry Hank Aaron dreamed of being a baseball player and in 1951 he became one when he joined the Indianapolis Clowns. Aaron was a leader in an era of changes for Major League Baseball.  He was a small boy who broke big records in his baseball career. Hammerin’ Hank became of the best offensive players in the history of the game. With 755 career home runs and 3,771 career hits, Hank Aaron was and continues to be, an inspiration to the baseball community. Scroll through the interactive timeline to relive the life of a baseball legacy.