South Forsyth wrestling pulls out a win against Denmark High School


Photo by Lucy Moon

South Forsyth wrestler Finn Goss taking on Denmark wrestler Diego Gomez-Sanchez. After a quick takedown, Goss pins Sanchez in one minute and 32 seconds. This earned South Forsyth six points to the overall team score.

Lucy Moon, Staff Writer

On December 2nd, 2020, South Forsyth High School’s Junior Varsity and Varsity wrestling teams traveled to Denmark high school to have two personal duels with Denmark’s wrestling teams. South’s JV and Varsity teams wrestled their hearts out on the mat – and ended with a victory.

The first duel was an unofficial showdown between JV wrestlers; it consisted of nine matches rather than the official 14 matches needed to complete a duel. The highlight of the JV matches was Miah Razo. Tied up in the second period at 4-4, she still pulled out a win by decision (9-7) against Denmark wrestler Luis Soto. The overall team score for JV was 24-19, with South Forsyth winning.

Following soon after, the second duel was an official Varsity duel. Out of the 14 matches, South Forsyth wrestlers pinned Denmark wrestlers eight times, with Denmark wrestlers pinning South wrestlers two times.

South’s wrestler with the most impressive pin time at 33 seconds was senior Sai Gudapati.

“Personally, I was happy with both my and my team’s performance. Our new coach, Coach Antonini, emphasizes mental toughness, and that’s exactly what we strived for at Denmark. We had touch matches that we never gave up on. We also got a lot of work to do, but I’m ecstatic with how South’s wrestling team has been doing this season.”

South Forsyth senior Sai Gudapati against Denmark wrestler Brooks Whitley. The referee gives Gudapati two takedown points almost as soon as the match starts. It took Gudapati 33 seconds to pin, which earned South’s team six team points. (Lucy Moon)

After Gudapati’s match came South sophomore Finn Goss and Denmark’s Diego Gomez-Sanchez at the 145 weight class. Goss took down and pinned Sanchez in one minute and 32 seconds.

After Goss’ match, South’s Connor Case wrestled against Denmark’s Juan Bayona, where Case pinned Bayona in one minute and 49 seconds. 

A win for South. Similar to Gudapati and Goss, Connor Case pins Bayona in the first period. In addition to takedown points, Case received a stalling call from the referee. (Photo by Lucy Moon)

Breaking South’s pin streak was Denmark wrestler Ethan Culbreth where he pinned South wrestler Andrew Ferguson.

Nearing the end of the duel, South Forsyth senior Matthew Meersman took the mat to wrestle Denmark wrestler Kolby McCoy. In the third period, Meersman pinned McCoy at four minutes and 15 seconds.

“I think for the first time the team has been together since the football guys joined back, I think it was a really good duel. It showed what this team can do. With a little more practice and conditioning, I think we’ll be ready to compete.”

South Forsyth senior Matthew Meersman taking down Denmark wrestler Kolby McCoy. Meersman takes down McCoy a total of three times in the first and second periods before pinning McCoy at four minutes and 15 seconds. Meersman received points for a reversal before pinning McCoy in the third period. (Photo by Lucy Moon)

The team score for the Varsity duel was 60-12, an exceptional win for South Forsyth’s wrestling team.