Barack Obama reaching out to voters during the pandemic


Michael Seeley

Obama at work. In an outdoor function, Obama gives a speech to the millions around him. A throwback to his former presidency.

As the election comes closer, former President Barack Obama has offered his help to the citizens of America. by inviting them to text him.  This initiative has the purpose of giving voice to American citizens as well as educating voters about varied methods to get their vote counted. Alongside early voting, many government officials expect voters to mail in their ballots this year due to the Coronavirus taking this nation by storm.

Obama made this a call to action since, in many states, early voting has begun. Some of the locations in Forsyth county are below:

How it works

When voters call the former president, they will hear three rings and then hear the former president’s voice come on. “Hi it’s Barack Obama,” he says. “Send me a text and I’ll send you messages from time to time. Looking forward to hearing from you.”

After they text the number you will be receiving an immediate answer-back. “Hey! It’s Barack. Click the link to sign up so I can respond directly to you. I won’t be able to get to everything, but I’ll be in touch to share what’s on my mind and I want to hear from you, too. Let’s do this.”

When voters click on the link this will lead you to Their website states, “direct and instant communication at massive scale, all through text messaging,”

In order to sign up for the website, voters must enter the following details: email, gender, birthday, city, and name.

As the election edges closer, the former president is not the only one who has been helping voters. The former first lady has spoken out about the importance of voting and why it’s important this year. During the Democratic National Convention, she said, “We have got to grab our comfortable shoes, put on our masks, pack a brown bag dinner and maybe breakfast too, because we’ve got to be willing to stand in line all night if we have to.”

The Obama family continues to offer their help during elections to make sure that everyone’s votes are being accounted for, especially the young voters who are voting for the first time this year.