Students’ Voices

I just really feel torn at the seams with a lot of it[the Jacob Blake shooting]. It is horrible that it happened, and it is horrible that so much more violence has stemmed from it [...]. Nobody should have to witness their family member shot in front of them.
Jackson Tucker
I don’t think anyone is doing anything about these killings. It is now known that all these Black people are being shot and killed, and no one is really doing anything about it. The police are asking people to stop protesting, and they don’t like it. But we are standing up for our rights, what we believe in, and justice. I hope everything will stop and get better, and nothing major will happen ever again to anyone.
Isabel Yonas
I think the protests are extremely justified because this problem has been occurring for so long. I think it is really impactful to know that the problems still exist after so many years. If you look back at all the pictures of the March on Washington, you would think that we would have progressed further. If anything, in my opinion, the problem has gotten worse over time.
Swetha Pendela
If you look at the video, he has a knife in his hand. And with his kids in the car, he could have reached into the car to grab a gun. He could have whipped around so fast. Action is always faster than reaction. Even with his knife, he could have potentially hurt one of his kids, but I don’t think seven shots in his back was reasonable; however, I feel as if it(the shooting) was partially justified.
Jackson Tufts
I am so upset that this[the Jacob Blake shooting] is an issue in the first place, but I’m glad they're[the shootings] coming up now so that at least the future generations can be aware of the problem and educate their children in the future.
Meghana Madduri

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