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Chris Bunker and Naisha Roy

Do your part. South’s officials have done their best to make the school safe and continue learning. Now, as students, we must follow that through by mainting proper guidelines every day.

Proper COVID-19 etiquette

Students and teachers all have a responsibility to follow the proper guidelines the school expects us to hold up. We need to wash our hands, follow the posters around the restrooms, and wear masks if possible. The CDC has released guidelines for people returning back to school, and we have to do our absolute best to put South’s efforts into fruition.

Mr. Wolff, South’s assistant administrator and AP Coordinator, said “We need to wear masks, wash our hands, and maintain social distancing so we can do our best to stay in school, keep learning, and continue with our community.” The following infographic shows some ways we can be vigilant in helping stop the spread:

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