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Mask up. Junior, Zac Tishgarten, wears his mask to protect himself and his peers. SFHS students are expected to wear masks to protect the entire campus.

The Importance behind Masks

After months of facing COVID-19, many health officials have found that one of the easiest ways to keep yourself and others safe is simply by wearing a mask. Wearing the proper masks helps to slow and even prevent the virus from spreading to others around you. Especially in a school environment, it is essential to wear a mask to help keep the whole school safe. 

Senior Luiza Parodia Penha states, “

The purpose of wearing masks in school is to prevent the spreading of COVID. It’s a way of looking out for each other and keeping our community safe.”

— Luiza Parodia Penha


While wearing a mask during a school day may present challenges, students must continue to wear masks that properly secure them. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) illustrates the different guidelines of how to wear a mask correctly. Specifically, students must wear a mask that covers their nose, mouth and chin. It should be quite fit around the side of your face to prevent germs from coming into the mask or leaving the mask in general. Masks should mostly be more than 2 layers; therefore, face shields and gaiters may not be the most secure way to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

Some may think that the statement wearing masks can protect others is a myth. However, wearing a mask can decrease the number of respiratory spray droplets in the air. Ultimately, a mask must be worn to protect each student. The distance respiratory droplets travel from a cough or sneeze greatly decreases if a proper protective mask is worn. If all students make it a mission to wear masks during school, the COVID-19 transmission rate is sure to decrease. 

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, infectious particles not only transfer from coughing and sneezing but also transfer from speaking and breathing. Therefore, wearing a mask is one of the safest ways to protect a student and teacher in a school setting. One may think wearing a mask is a burden but remember this: as a student in school, you are responsible for protecting not only yourself but also your teachers and peers. 

Furthermore, since some people may not show symptoms for the coronavirus, an individual might never be sure whether a person around them has the virus or doesn’t. However, if he or she wears a mask, he or she is protecting themselves to allow for the least amount of exposure.

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We are lucky to be in a county with relatively low transmission, and the only way to keep it low and remain in school is near total mask usage. It’s a minor inconvenience for us to protect the health of our families, friends, and teachers. Wearing a mask shouldn’t be a political issue, we should all be doing everything we can to end the pandemic.”

— senior Ben Hempker

The SOFO Cares Team is working hard to promote wearing masks with their social media #Maskup Campaign. Many students have submitted photos of themselves in SFHS Spirit South Forsyth Campaign along with wearing their favorite masks. Students are pictured on the SOFO Cares Instagram, accompanied by the reasons that they #Maskup. 

As students continue into the second month of school, it is important to remember that COVID-19 cases are still existing. It is crucial that students and teachers understand the actual necessity of wearing a mask at all times. SFHS War Eagles are part of a family: a family that supports and protects one another.

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