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A peace of mind. With many different things changing around an individual, it is important to take a moment to decompress if feeling overwhelmed. Taking care of one’s body and mind is the key to being happy and healthy.

Stress Relief

With these unforeseen circumstances, everyone is adapting to the idea of online learning. Some feel that is rather stressful as there are so many different things to keep track of and remember to do. Others are stressed from the switch from a routine school day to an online school day. However, South Forsyth High School teachers, staff, and counselors are supporting students who need help or just need someone to talk to.

The key to overcoming hard times like these is to take care of oneself. When stressed, it is essential that an individual relaxes and calms their mind and body. As many studies display, stress negatively affects a student’s performance in class and their behavior at home. It has the ability to take over the thoughts in one’s mind and overwhelm them with the task at hand.

There are many different things an individual can do to de-stress from anything giving them tension. While students are limited in places to go, there are a variety of activities at home, he or she can participate in to relax. 

“Whenever I feel stressed, listening to some music or reading a book allows me to relax and calm my body down,” said senior Douglas Seely.

For those who have a passion for reading, he or she can find a book of their choice to find their inner serenity. Individuals can read a variety of e-books or purchase different books to have delivered to their homes. While libraries in the county are closed, they have provided readers with access to an online system with hundreds of e-books, e-magazines, and other e-resources. 

Watching Netflix or taking a shower allows me to relieve my mind when I feel stressed or overwhelmed.”

— Katya Yoo, Sophomore

Other relaxation techniques include calming the body through different exercises, meditation, and slow breathing sessions. This will help disengage the brain from certain thoughts overtaking one’s mind, releasing stressful thoughts and feelings. Moreover, Forsyth County Schools Facebook recently started a program called Mindful Minute, and it is available to everyone who wants to participate. Every day at 1 P.M, individuals can join and practice different exercises that allow for mindfulness. 

There are a variety of activities to choose from to decompress from any mental pressure or hardship. Whatever it may be, individuals should choose one that allows them to keep themselves in check. Whether that may be reading a book, watching a funny show, or practicing some yoga, one should always put their personal priorities first as it’s the key to being successful. Below, there is an infographic to find a variety of stress-relieving activities for everyone!


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