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Shree Delwadia

Virtual learning. While online learning is a new focus, itslearning is helping students all over the world make sure their work is easy to access and work. While the site did glitch and freeze up more earlier, itslearning has mostly fixed those issues through updates.

Itslearning Use

As school shifts to an online platform, many students from all over the world utilize Itslearning to get their daily school work done. Through itslearning, teachers are able to clearly communicate messages, make learning pathways, and provide feedback on student assessments. Additionally, Itslearning has many beneficial features such as the planner which allows students are able to get a glimpse of how their week is structured and when and where each day’s activities are due. 

To help students and teachers learn more, Itslearning provides web seminars and input from teachers all over the world when it comes to certain topics related to virtual learning. Utilizing Itslearning’s social media, such as Twitter, is a great way to see different features focuses and other tips and tricks. The goal for Itslearning is to help teachers create an easy to navigate and manageable virtual platform for their students to actively engage with. If one does have problems with Itslearning, Forsyth County Schools has created a troubleshooting page.

As everyone is using this application to successfully complete their school work, an overload of users might cause the website to lag or freeze on the user. When schools all across the world begin to use this website due to school closures, Itslearning had glitches or has lagged due to an excess of activity on the server; however, itslearning has performed critical updates to expand the platform capabilities. These updates do allow for a tremendously bigger number of students and teachers to access Itslearning at the same time.

However, many students and teachers believe it is important to plan different times to use the platform so the server can perform at its best.

“I prefer to use itslearning either later in the evening or early in the morning because that is when not many people are using it,” said junior Bhuvana Koda. “During other times, many people are on the server causing it to be slow.”

Planning out certain times to use itslearning not only assures for less lagging but also creates a routine to help create a normal schedule during times like these.

I start my work on itslearning usually after 10 o’clock in the morning,” said sophomore Gheed Nafea. “Usually, starting any earlier causes itslearning to be slow and glitchy.”

— Gheed Nafea, Sophomore

Many teachers and students have experienced difficulty with Itslearning in the beginning hours of the morning. While it does not happen to everyone, some advise individuals not to use Itslearning too early in the morning. A reason for this might be because others from all over the world are using ItsLearning at this time. 

While there is no specific time mentioned of when to use itslearning, it’s good to use it when not many others are on the platform. Itslearning has worked excessively to help users with the glitches on the website so the platform is becoming smoother day by day.

What time do begin to use Itslearning?


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