Shree Delwadia

Adjusting to a new environment. As schools close due to certain circumstances, students are using Itslearning and other online communication features to excel in their online learning. Since this is a new situation for many, it is essential to ask questions and get help when needed.

Making the best of online learning- A Guide for Students, by Students

With online learning set to continue through the rest of the school year, it’s imperative that students and teachers work together to preserve the nuance of education and maximize their resources. While online learning is very different than going to school, there are several ways teamwork and effective communication and planning can help simulate the experience and make the most of it. It is important to utilize the resources provided well as well as ask for help if needed. On top of all this, it is essential for an individual to make sure they are not too stressed and have a good state of mind to work with online learning.

Communication Methods
Planning out work
Itslearning Use
Stress Relief

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