Naisha Roy

Effective communication. With Online Learning comes a multitude of internet communication options. Whether they choose email, video chat, or something else, students should keep their communication clear, concise, and respectful.

Communication Methods

Without the face-to-face interaction students and teachers have on a daily basis, it is very important for inventive communication techniques to shine through for the best learning possible. Thanks to the technology that keeps online learning viable, there is a plethora of methods of communication to choose from. Students need to remember not to be afraid of reaching out to their teachers if they have a question about anything because clarity and concise conversation is the best way to preserve the nuance of education in online learning.

There are many methods of communication that students and teachers are currently using. Other than Itslearning mail, students can use Google Meets, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or plain email to talk to teachers and vice versa. Students should ask teachers what their preferred method of communication is and be sure to note it down, in addition to if they use their outlook email or itslearning mail. In addition, be sure to keep track of what time and days teachers are holding meetings- otherwise, two subjects may clash.

Junior Joshua Track prefers using Google Meets to communicate. “It allows for a great understanding of the material and also helps us maintain a proper learning environment,” Track says.

Whenever possible, try to use video chat to ask questions or clarify things that are confusing; explanations can be lost in translation over email. If they are sending an email, students should be sure to use proper etiquette while emailing and be very clear about what they need. A singular, long, clear email is a lot more manageable than a whole exchange due to ambiguity. In addition, be sure to communicate in advance as much as possible. Sending an email 10 minutes before the assignment is due is not only disrespectful to the teacher, but also inconsiderate to all the other students they have to get back to.

Be open-minded about the new resources and methods, try to maintain good contact through these distanced times, and more importantly, have fun with your work and working with your teacher.”

— Joshua Track, Junior

Remember, teachers want to have effective communication just as much as students. It isn’t annoying or bothersome to connect; having conversations like this is what will help us stay together during online learning. Effective communication like this is the best way to bring the real educational and classroom feel to your home during this time.

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