Varisty Boys Basketball Sweet Sixteen at McEachern


Sadie Rawlings

Sophomore Ethan Underwood, a starter on Varsity Basketball, faces his last game of the season at McEachern. He was a leading scorer in the game, scoring multiple three-point shots. “Playing against McEachern players was a challenge, but we were prepared for it.” Underwood replied to the sweet-sixteen game.

Sadie Rawlings, Co-Associate Editor

Varsity Boys basketball starters junior Kohl Harris, senior Nate Hammond, sophomore Ethan Underwood, senior Thomas Stocks, and junior Devon Mcglockton run onto the court to shake hands with the referees while the crowd cheers them on. In late February, South faced Parkview in the state tournament, won, and entered into the sweet sixteen to face McEachern–the 2019 state champions.

At the top of the first quarter,  South won the tip-off with a quick turnover to the McEachern Indians scoring the first points. South quickly worked the defense as they were shorter than the other team–focusing on handling the ball and quick passes. Mcglockton scored the first points two minutes into the game. Next, McEachern fouled Mcglockton, but he made both free throws. McEachern scored at the end of the 1st quarter with both teams scoring free throws, leaving south down 6-16.

Top of the second, the Indians fouled Hammond, and he scored both free throws leaving the game at 8-19. Mcglockton, the center, continued to rebound the ball and put up points for South. The SOFO defense remained strong as they stole the ball from McEachern down the court, taking it back to South’s goal and scoring. In the middle of the second, McEachern fouled South twice, Mcglockton caught the rebound and scored. McEachern took the ball down the court, yet South rebounded. Hammond scored, and sophomore Gavin Morris stole the ball from McEachern for another basket for South. After McEachern scored, Harris took the ball to South’s goal and the referee called a foul on McEachern. He made both free throws, and McEachern’s lead diminished. Mcglockton blocked McEachern’s shot and passed the ball down court to Harris who scored. The first half ended with a shift in South’s momentum—making the score south 22-28.

After some setbacks, we had to readjust our offense and defense”

— Ethan Underwood

At the top of the third quarter, South came in strong with a pass to Mcglockton who dunked the ball. The referees called a technical foul on McEachern, and Ethan Underwood made the free throw shots, bringing South’s score up to 25 points. McEachern continued to score while the War Eagles played their best defensive players, trying to tie the game. Halfway through the third, Coach Givens called a full time out to pull the Eagles together. McEachern fouled Harris, and he Eagles missed the rebounds but came back on defense with the goal to stop the McEachern ball. With the defensive stop of McEachern, Stocks dribbled downcourt to score a much-needed three-point shot. Bottom of the third, McEachern missed their shot, and Hammond received the pass from Mcglockton to score another point. Junior Lowry Hicks passed the ball to Mcglockton for another point for South. The third-quarter ended with the McEachern Indians at 37 points and the War Eagles at 32.

South scored at the top of the fourth quarter and caught the rebound from McEachern’s attempt at a shot. South scored again, bringing the score to 43-38 for McEachern. Mcglockton received the War Eagle pass and dunked, making it a three-point game. McEachern fouled Harris who shot for two and missed the shots. After, Stocks stepped up for a three and made the goal. Indians responded by calling a time out, and South landed the ball while Underwood scored another three. With 50 seconds left in the game, Underwood scored again. At this point, South was still behind and continued to foul McEachern players. As the clock ran out, South couldn’t beat McEachern who led with a final score of 59-53 which ended the Varisty boys’ 2020 season.

“We played well and worked hard for a victory,” Underwood responded after the game–reflecting on the season as a whole. “Overall, it was a great season.”