GHSA State Cross-country Championship


Used with permission from Paige Sobczak

Bella Rhone, Emma O’Connor, Carmel Yonas, Sophia Baker, Sydney Copeland, Madelynne Cadeau, and Caroline Patterson sit together covered up. On the morning of state on a Saturday, varsity girls warm themselves up to be ready for the race. They are determined to do well and are going to rely on all the training they’ve had to prepare for state.

Carmel Yonas, Opinions Editor & Senior Reporter

South’s runners walked onto the field, already hearing applause and cheers early in the morning for State Cross-country Championship. The day consisted of cold weather and layers of clothes. Tension filled the area as teams warmed-up around the course, hoping for a shot at first place. Races starting from the all-class boys results merge to the girls 5k 7A. In the previous year, South’s boys won state, being the fastest team in 7A. They hoped to win the title once again.

As the race finished, the boys 7A placed 5th and their number one runner, senior Brennan Bower, placed 6th (16:19). 

“My only goal going into state was to win another team title. I did run pretty well individually but I didn’t have a goal for that going into state. I know a lot of guys want to run better next year who were on the state team, so them being there this year definitely will motivate them going into the next season,” Brennan replied.

For the rest of the boys, only a place away, Sophomore Nate Verska came in 21st with a time of 16:57. Senior Mikey Patterson in 38th finished strong with a time of 17:13 and Senior Harrison Siegel, only a couple places behind, placed 41st with a time of 17:15. South’s girls did an incredible job with their first place runner, Senior Madelynne Cadeau, winning state (18:46). Over the course of the season, she’s been working and training extremely hard wanting to achieve the state title.

“I wanted to take the lead from the start and grow the gap between me and the next runners. Eating clean and hitting the proper workouts helped me prepare throughout the season. I think if the team continues to work hard like they did this season, everyone will continue to see improvement,” Cadeau says.

Senior runner Sophia Baker came in the top ten, placing 8th overall with a time of 19:39. In the last 100 meters, she sprinted past two people right before the finish, placing her at 8th. Freshman Carmel Yonas placed 11th, coming close to accomplishing her goal of being in the top 10. Her time was 19:53, the last out of everyone in the race to run under a time of 20 minutes for this course.

This season, sights were set on first place. Though they did not get there this year, South girls took home 2nd place as a team. Everyone was proud of the work they put in to get where they are now. The team knowing that they have next year to win, encourages everyone to not give up.