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Anna Hicks

Alyssa Freyman and Anna Hicks

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Students at South manage stress daily, whether it be school assignments or outside of school. Students can find a sense of peace through positive outlets. The following students put their include sports, music, clubs, and art: 


Alyssa Freyman
Ashley Amacher is a senior at South and she kick-boxes to relieve stress.


Ashley Amacher, a senior, handles stress by kick-boxing. She does this once a week at Karate Atlanta. She started from the advice of friends, and was hooked ever since.


”You can let out your anger,” says Amacher.


Alyssa Freyman
Pritika Maddi, who is a junior, loves to dance and uses it as an outlet for her stress


Pritika Maddi, a junior, also releases her stress physically. She’s currently a dance instructor, and has been dancing since she was a child. She first got into it from her mother, who was a famous dancer in India.


“She’s my inspiration,” Maddi told us.


Anna Hicks
Abhinav Iyer is a freshman and has found music to be a good outlet to relieve his stress.


Abhinav Iyer, a freshman, plays the saxophone.


“I think being pushed too far out of your comfort zone gets you stressed,” said Iyer, “This is a common occurrence for freshman.”


He practices everyday in class and after school, so he has somewhere where he can feel comfortable. With this much practice, he knows that he is getting better every time he plays. This feeling of accomplishment can help counteract the stress.


Naveen Madhavan is a freshman who has found joy and relief in band and music.


Naveen Madhavan, a freshman, also participates in marching band at the school. He sees music as a way to escape the overbearing thoughts of school and assignments.


“I can clear my mind and just focus on what I’m doing right then,” Madhavan says. “There’s also people there, which removes more stress, as opposed to being by yourself.”


Alyssa Freyman
Grace Tang, a junior, is a part of the Key Club and finds happiness in helping others through her club.


Grace Tang, a junior, is a member of the Key Club, an organization that does community service monthly. Her active schedule fills her day with stress. Key Club relieves her from this.


“Key Club helps me de-stress because I am able to reach out to my community instead of just thinking about just myself,” Tang says. “I am able to focus on my peers and others in my community. This shows me […] I am not alone in the world.”


Alyssa Freyman
Grace Shifflet is a junior at South and is a part of the IB Art class, which she says helps her to relieve her daily stress.

Grace Shifflet, a junior, uses art as a medium to relieve her stress.


“I like art because it’s an escape to all the stress and it’s something I actually like doing.”

She is currently in IB, and enjoys making art with her friends. Her favorite thing to do is paint. Right now, she is working on painting a birdhouse, which is inspired by a famous  artist.


Although stress is a daily struggle for everyone, it can be reduced in positive ways. It is encouraged that students find something that they love which makes them feel good. There are opportunities available around school and the community. If you need advice finding a hobby or want someone to talk to about your stress, visit the counselor suite for help.

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