The Stars Shine Truly Divine Tonight

Ronan Taneja, Contributing Poet

You know, life was not always like this.

There was once a thirst, a devouring flame lurking deep within your soul.

A thirst now quenched, a fire now dimmed to an ember.

Your goals, your hopes satisfied.

Once upon a time it seemed impossible.

Once upon a time life seemed tortuous in its innate maze nature.

Once upon a time, time was your foe in war.

Yet… not anymore.

You persevered, your hands sore and blistered from constantly fighting day after day.

Some days, that grueling nature overwhelmed you.

Other days, you were overwhelmed by that grueling nature.

Until one day.

One day where life seemed to click.

The puzzle’s cohesion became apparent, no longer esoteric in its existence.

Since then… life was never the same.

Happiness was no longer an oblique abstraction of a goal.

Such is the case tonight.

It is 10:23 PM, the brilliant sunlight has fully faded from the dark skies.

The red brick house that lies behind you -which you call home- is calm.

The short green blades of grass lie still and tranquil.

And the mystic night creatures around you chitter peacefully in the far distance.

You gaze around at the calm, all at once distant yet encapsulating you.

Finally, you peer off into the night sky.

A sky where the buoyant sun has bowed to the dim reign of night

The time where the world cowers away in slumber, fearful of the dark and what lurks within.

Yet, stifling darkness is not the sole power within the sky.

It is not even the focal point.

The focus of the sky is the Queen that is the Moon.

The Moon, the true divinity of a Queen, who rules the stars.

The stars which highlight the night sky.

These bright spots of light that illuminate the world during this reign of dark.

These bright spots of light, not just in the sky, but all around you.

One such spot of light being your own home.

Another being the calm of the grasses.

Another being the chitter of the bugs.

It’s been a long day, and your existence is weary from fighting and fighting for peace.

Yet, as you look around, you see these stars.

These stars that made it all truly worth it.

As you look around, the world becomes inexpressibly magical.

Only because…

The stars shine truly divine tonight

Bright in the ephemeral glory, bringing light and happiness to the world.

And everything, everything, clicks.


The stars shine truly divine tonight.

You shine.