Burning Existence

Saanvi Tatipalli, Features Editor

Burning into existence

Stifling when we’re lit –

It takes a second.

But, when we’re there,

We burst with energy.

Inferno trickles golden-

In its primest time, 

It swells with pride 

And stands its tallest.

Its reddening fingers 

lunge for the skies

Trying hard

To shine the brightest.

The wind may blow;

It flickers 

For just a heartbeat,

Or an hour

But soon rises, 

once again,

And cripples the wind.



but at some point,

Its passion melts,

It trickles down,

The light slowly dims

As the wax 

starts to shrink,

It wanes away,

lined with the scars of wisdom

Holding it back.


What was once pure yellow light

Is deeper mixed with blue

And lines of red 

And an orangish hue.


Its ash and smoke

And remnants of light

cascade throughout the now dim room.

Its as if the fire lives on,

The fire will spark another one.

The fire will spread,

Only for it to burn out and leave its mark

Time and time again.