Brantley Jenkins, Columns Editor

It’s happening again.

The shouting, the screams

it feels like a daily occurrence.

We go a week – maybe two – without issue,

but it never lasts.

Not before happening again,

before they happen again.

The horrible anger, terrible guilt, heavy hearts

as if abhorrent monsters took over their bodies for a minute.

Even now, they hide it in the light;

it happens again every night.

The shouting, the screams.

When I hear it, hear them

my soul escapes me as I bear their hate.

A door slams and a few echoing shouts-no, screams- 

reverberate through the house.

Leaving behind empty silence, 

peace after a bombing, despairing silence and 



Two times in a day,

soon it’ll be three or more.

I know this isn’t who they are, but…why, just why?

What now? What could be causing this? Why

is it happening again?